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Northwest Horse Supplement, formulated and manufactured by Nutritional Services, Inc., is the leading nutritional supplement in the Pacific Northwest today.

Owners, horse managers and their advisors, should insist on knowing the qualifications of those producing a supplement, concentrate or other fortified feed they contemplate using or recommending. Geographic specific professional competence, supported by a strong continuing education program, is necessary for the formulation of the most successful high performance horse feeding programs.

All of the Pacific Northwest is unique with serious mineral problems (DEFICIENCIES or OVERABUNDANCE) that drastically affect Bone Integrity, Reproduction and Growth. This Complex Inter-Relationship and final Utilization is Nutritional Services, Inc.’s specialty.

does my horse need supplements?

Pastured Horses
Equine supplementHorses not receiving grain, usually benefit when provided with a mineral supplement. A salt and trace mineralized block is a common method of providing supplemental minerals to pastured horses. However, these blocks can not always be relied upon exclusively to meet the needs of the horse because they are consumed based on palatability, rather than dietary need. If the pasture is of poor quality or if it is late in the growing season, when grasses are mature and lower in nutrients, horses may require supplemental feeding such as Northwest Horse Supplement. A grain ration and possibly a good quality hay, depending on the amount of useful pasture forage available, may be needed to meet their nutritional requirements.

Performance Horses
Horses that are involved in strenuous activities, such as racing, intensive showing, rodeo, or endurance events will also benefit from supplementation. Northwest Horse Supplement provides a superior formula, developed for such circumstances.

Broodmares & Seniors
Broodmare supplementBroodmares are especially prone to lack of nutrients and require supplementation due to added task of supplying nutrients to the fetus during pregnancy, and the foal during lactation. By feeding Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate, which has been specifically formulated for pregnant mares and horses over 15 years of age, will usually provide them with all the mineral and vitamin nutrient levels required to enhance your horses longevity and healthy life span.

Choosing the right supplement for your horse

When choosing a supplement for your horse, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind; what age your horse is and what level of performance you will require of your equine at it's peak. Special consideration should be given to mares used for reproduction as well as your beloved SENIOR EQUINES. As a rule of thumb, feed Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate to pregnant mares or broodmares and in the last 90 days of gestation as well as during lactation and if desired, all year long as needed so they are sure to receive all the minerals and vitamins needed.

Nursing foals will benefit from providing Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate on a free-choice basis with good quality hay in a creep feeder and /or allow the foal to eat with the mare. For newly weaned foals, provide free choice for 2 weeks post weaning and make every effort to ensure that the foal is eating at least 40% of it's total diet in good quality roughage. Then feed post-weaned foals to 18 months of age.

From 18 months of age and up, provide Northwest Horse Supplement once a day for a lifetime of special care that your horse may need. Northwest Horse Supplement will provide all horses, large or small, the well-balanced level of performance that you want from your equine. By feeding just 4 ounces of Northwest Horse Supplement, once daily, will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your favorite equines.

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