Northwest Horse Supplement

For Stallions, Halter Horses, Performance Horses and Equine Athletes

Pastures and Hays grown in the Northwest have some serious nutrient Deficiencies. This depletion causes interference with the Metabolism of other essential nutrients. Thanks to our In-House Research Studies, we can provide you with the Ultimate up-graded, Chelated products to help your horses attain their full genetic potential. Our mill is drug free.

Stallion's needs are critically specific to ensure Healthy, Well-Formed, Viable sperm from Selenium's influence, while Zinc contributes to Larger Testicle size for Increased Quantity of Sperm.

Halter Horses must have excellent, fortified nutrition for Strong, Sound Bones and robust Healthy Appearance.

Performance Horses-Equine Athletes need as near Perfect Nutrition as possible to Rebuild and Retain Bone while demanding Muscular Activity, plus a sufficient overage to replace losses while sweating.

Northwest Horse Supplement is Formulated by Professional Nutritionist's to provide the Correct Quantities of Selenized Yeast, Organic Selenium in addition to all Natural Vitamin E Chelated Trace Mineral, needed to balance the diets of Non-Gestating, Non-lactating adult and near adult Northwest Horses.

Northwest Horse Supplement has Chelated trace minerals, is Highly Palatable and does not contain any artificial flavoring or genetically modified ingredients. Let us Make Your Good Horses even Better.

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Biotin is not a medicine but an essential B-Complex Vitamin. Studies in England and the United States suggest that 15mg per day would be necessary for 9-12 months. New growth starts from the coronet band. Be patient!

Northwest Horse Supplement
5/32" Pellets in 50, 25, & 10 lb. bags

50lb bag $71.98

25lb bag $43.97

10lb bag $21.29

NW Horse Supplement +Biotin
25lb bag $69.48

NW Horse Supplement +Biotin
10lb bag $32.32

Northwest Mare & Foal Concentrate

For Brood Mares, and Foals under 18 months of age

A special concentrate is warranted for Brood Mares and Foals. Wet mares and rapid growing foals have nutritional requirements much greater than the amounts that can be provided by forage or hay alone. Proper supplementation to the basic diets of Brood Mares and Foals is sufficiently great to require the use of a palatable concentrate having a daily feeding rate of at least 3 pounds. Mares can produce large quantities of growth promoting milk deficient in several essential minerals, including Calcium and Phosphorus. Mare's milk exhibits the same relative mineral characteristics as the diets they are consuming.

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Northwest Horse Supplement
1/4" Pellets in 50 lb. bags

50lb bag $22.24

Apple-Asses Horse Treats

Craveable treats for any equine!

Apple & Molasses Horse Treat made from dried whole apples, dried molasses, ground small grains, salt and concentrated apple flavoring. Apple-Asses have a true apple aroma and taste to please your special horses! Great for rewarding a superior effort for a job well done, or to encourage a very positive attitude. A Loving way to say Thank you. The treats are made in a handy 5/8-inch pellet. Carry Apple-Asses in your pocket!

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Apple-Asses Horse Treats
5/8" Pellets in 50, 25, & 10 lb. bags as well as handy portable sized packets

50lb bag $77.44

25lb bag $43.90

10lb bag $20.54

Northwest LLama Supplement Plus

For all classes of Llamas, Halter, Performance.

This is a source of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that is specially formulated to provide the nutrients missing from forages and hay grown in the Pacific Northwest. It is especially beneficial for the nursing llama and her cria.

Samples available.

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Northwest Llama Supplement Plus
1/4" Pellets in 25 lb. bags

25lb bag $26.62